Sowing Kindness

Ever heard of the saying, “You reap what you sow.” (Gal 6:7)

Familiar, right?

There are two things I like most about farming- sowing and harvesting. However, I am not going to talk about agriculture. Neither, I want to teach you how to plant. You can do it, I bet you.

Nonetheless, I want to tell you the importance of kindness in sowing in connection to our relational life.

I vividly remember my mother who was a farmer. I would love going with her every season for planting especially sowing time. I am always fascinated by how she diligently prepare the seed with so much care. I am still in awe of how she reads the weather and the right timing of sowing. I am captivated on how she swings her arm as she throws the seed to the ground. And, how every sway has been coupled with a whisper of prayers. As a farmer, everything she does signifies connections to everything she is, and that exists.

Sowing is not just throwing seeds. Sowing is coating every seed with goodness that one has as a person. It has to come from a real act of kindness recognizing that the seed has life and will generate and sustain life. Sowing is an act of scattering seeds on land so that they may grow. As it grows, great care has to accompany on the process. With that, you become hopeful for a bountiful harvest.

Sowing is an act of kindness. Kindness is an act of caring and having a warm spirit. To have a warm spirit means to have good positive energy in you. Negativity has no place to a kind person. For, a kind person only shows positive seeds in life. Kindness enkindle kindness while harshness creates pain and suffering. Just as the scripture said, “Sow righteousness for yourselves, reap unfailing love.” (Hosea 10:12)

So, let us be kind. Let us be kind to one another. And, make that kindness ripples to everyone we encounter. By then, we will be surprised that we are living in a better and kinder society.

Start from a simple act of kindness. Start from what you can do at the moment.

Be a catalyst of kindness.

Keeping Up


Have you felt that life seems so fast in its phase, lately? You feel being left behind with all your schedules, deadlines or goals. And, no matter how you tried to keep up on the demands of life, somehow you are grasping to meet these goals?

I do. As a student, there is just so much activity going on in my life. Positively, it is a sign that I am healthily active. But, the question is, “Am I giving quality outputs?”

In all circumstances of life, in any chance, unquestionably, you have experience of keeping up on things. Most successful entrepreneurs would suggest stuff like prioritizing, schedule management or time management. Those are all effective and true. However, you have been doing almost all those self-taught tycoons had written or advice. You have attended all the seminar and conferences to help you become better.

The thing is each one of us has each way of keeping up. There is no universal framework that sort of works for everyone.

You have to discover ways that work effectively for you.

The greatest temptation of not being able to keep up is to give up. You know its not the answer.

I love biking. And, been doing it for 3 years already. Imagine how many miles I roads I cycled. There were so many climbs, up and down. There are times that I feel giving up due to pain and tiredness.

You know what kept me going? I have a buddy who accompanied me. That, when I feel surrendering he’s there to assist me. To push my bike when needed. I always survive partly of my own determination; mostly, because, I know someone is with me.

Life is relational. It’s not a race. It is a journey together of people. The matter is if you choose to journey alone in this life. As scripture says, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Timothy 4:7)

Feeling the struggle to keep up to things in life is natural. To give up is cowardice.

Are you keepin’ up?

Re-gaining Dreams

Have you known someone who has no dream?

I bet everyone has a dream. A goal that we want to achieve in life.

Remember the glorious dreams you have when you were still a child. We were always asked of, “What do you want to become when you grow up?” Our common answers are the people whom we see are doing good for our society. Like doctors, teacher, lawyers, engineers, firefighters, scientist, astronauts, priest, sisters, drivers, famous artist and many more. Isn’t that great? We know our dreams and our purpose with it.

I even remember my dream vividly, that is, to become a doctor. It changed to become an engineer and into dreaming of becoming a lawyer. And, to become a humble priest. Yeah, I know, I dreamed of many things. But the sky is the limit, as they would often say.

Along the way, as we grow up. Think maturely. Become more educated. We lose track of that dream. Few were able to achieve and live that because they have financial resources. Most of us, have foregone of attaining that dream. As if that strong burning fire within us got watered down. Or maybe, frustration and anxiety engulfed us to hopelessness.

We began to think priorities set by society. We started to think about survival or stability. Look at you now, are you doing what you have dreamed?


I think everyone has their dream. However, everyone has to have passion on that dream. Passion is what makes everyone’s dream different from the other. It’s like listening to a crowd of singers, but someone will shine uniquely because of that contagious passion. Your passion serves as your purpose. It becomes undying energy that ignites you to keep forward amidst the struggles and challenges of living that dream.

It’s not that you go back to the dreams you have when you were a child. If you could still do that, go for it. If not, list the most things you think you can do with passion for the rest of your life — some bucket list.

Find what you are passionate. In your current situation, find passion on that. You can gauge that when you found happiness and peace on what you are doing. It’s not easy for it is a sudden shift in your life. In exchange, you’ll found yourself contented and filled with joy.

Re-gaining one’s dream in life is never always late. And, don’t be too late finding what your passionate. Your passion could be the best tool to leave a legacy behind.

The kind of your passion is, the legacy you can leave behind.