The Riddle of Finding a Job

Millennials are the most educated generation in American history as the Pew Research Center reported.

Isn’t that great?

You could land an excellent paying job as you have dreamed. However, not so quite often that it happens. Why is that?

It seems there is a riddle of finding a job or even landing to a great career.

Let me share to you my experience of finding a job that baffles me.

Seeking an entry level job to get experience but could not enter without a background. Doesn’t make sense right? It does happen. One of the recurring questions that appear in a job interview is “Do you have any work experience?” Some interviewers do consider the OJT (On the Job Training) as an experience. That is awesome. Mostly, they will deny you the position if you have no experience. If ever you are asked of this question be smart of answering it. Any work you did prior that you think gave you work experience. Tell them.

You have acquired debt before landing an excellent job. Many of us are in debt from student loans that one has to pay. Another fact is, pre-required documents you submit to all your possible future employer. However, submitting these requirements does not guarantee acceptance of the position. Those documents are not free to get. Think of how many copies you have to make. Imagine how costly it is.

Get dressed appropriately. You should dress well when going to an interview — no doubt about that. Interviewers do observe how you look. It is a plus point. To the extreme, some interviewers are not impressed by a roomy suite. They look for more classy ones. It is here that it comes hard to land a job.

Underqualified in the position but overqualified in the position you want. It did happen to me. I was underqualified of the position because I have no work experience or sort of thing. I was overqualified because of the level of my education. I was confused. I was rejected.

They say, “We will call you.” When you hear this line from the interviewer without exact timeline or date, do not wait. They will not call for you. It is a denial of the position in a nice way.

If you landed in a high paying job, congratulations. If you are not, keep working and searching.

Finding a high paying job is not easy. You have to work it out. But, never give up.

If you think you want to add things you experience to the list. Please, feel free to comment.

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