Saints are Erotic People, too

Erotic? Erotic saints?

Interesting, right?

You would feel insulted when you conceived those saints as persons who lived out there lives from conception as entirely perfect and unblemished of worldly temptation. They were not. Jesus is the only being who walked among us without sin.

Saints are human beings who are like us struggling day in and out from their own temptations. Even erotic ones. St. Benedict was tempted by a womanly lure. St. Dominic was kidnapped by his family locked in a room with a prostitute. St. Ignatius of Loyola was a former womanizer. St. Augustine of Hippo was a former Hedonist.

They too are human beings like us. They have felt the same temptation we are experiencing. They also struggled. They too felt weak in the flesh. But, something happened. They were able to transform those worldly desires.

Now, we do have a chance of becoming a saint.

I read a book entitled, “The Holy Longing” written by Ronald Rolheiser. He writes:

A saint is someone who can, precisely, channel powerful eros in a creative, life-giving way.

Isn’t that beautiful? To be a saint does not mean you have to levitate nor perform a miracle in front of a crowd. To do bilocation. Nothing of that sort. To be a saint he suggests is channeling your energy towards something that is life-giving.

Life-giving. Big words. How can we do that?

If you are called to be a parent, become the best parent as you can be. If you are a husband or a wife, channel your whole energy to give life to your family. Infidelity to your partner is not life-giving rather life-breaking. If you are a child, a brother, a sister, a friend or in whatever circumstances channel that erotic energy into something creative and life-giving. With the powerful energy being channeled properly, it becomes a passion which eventually leads to your own identity and mission.

Remember those saints I mentioned? They were great founders of Religious Order of the Catholic Church. They were able to channel that powerful eros to a creative and life-giving way.

You do not need to found an Order or an organization. You just have to that eros to a life-giving way.

Do not be ashamed of admitting your struggling. The more you recognize your weaknesses. The more you become aware of them. The better you have the sense of yourself. The disciplined you become.

Every time you choose to renounce that temptation, you turn your back on many other temptations. But, if you keep on faltering, never get frustrated. Saints did not become saints in a day.

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