Don’t become the Blind Spot of Others

When I had my first ever driving class, I was caught by what the instructor said. He told us, “Don’t be the Blindspot of others.” It made sense. It struck me of how relatable is that to our lives.

What is a blind spot?

There are numbers of definition on blind spots that have relation to the personal and professional development of the person. Such as:

  • “An area in which one fails to exercise judgment or discrimination”-Miriam Webster Dictionary
  • “A subject or area in which someone’s ability to understand is weak or lacking”– Cambridge Dictionary

We do have blind spots. Just like blind spots on driving.

Our blind spots in our lives are often times hard to deal with. It is sometimes annoying or unpleasant feeling to take on the process of unearthing those personalities and behaviors that were hidden for a long time. We will be surprised. There will be a struggle in us on this process.

However, it is necessary, I think, to become aware of our own blind spots. Not to feel bad about ourselves. But to help ourselves towards personal growth, deepening our understanding of our selves and improving how we relate to other people. It helps us in a personal level, and it integrates us into societal relations.

To have the courage of knowing our blind spots and not let it control our life is bravery.

How do we recognize our blind spots?

Don’t assume everything. The way we see things is different from the way other people sees things. The way we comprehend is not others process of comprehension. Even the way we feel is definitely not how others feel. Do not say you always know how they feel or think because you do not. Always observe, listen, ask or express. It builds a healthy relationship and connection with each other.

Pay attention. This is entirely a true challenge for most of us especially the young generation. We do have the shortest span of attention. We easily get bored. We want to talk about a lot of things. Talk simultaneously. There is so much distraction. When we pay attention, we become aware of others feelings, how they are doing, what are they into. When we pay attention, we start to listen without judging the other. When we pay attention, we begin to see things clearly into our lives.

Learn to ask for feedback. There is nothing wrong in knowing peoples thought of us. It helps us examine our lives what areas we want to improve, develop or strengthen. Often times, this is where our hidden personalities appear. When we can’t take feedback or constructive criticism, we are afraid of our hidden self. Denial is what we comfortably do.

Do not become the blind spot of others. Relate and connect. Listen with compassion. Ask for feedback.

Each of us has still a lot to discover about ourselves. Personalities and behaviours hidden within us. It is always up to us to courageously reveal them. And, we hope it will make us a better person. The keys are your personal choice and recognizing that other people can help.

Our blind spots may not be gone after becoming aware of them. But, the thing is we know what is on the other side of the iceberg. When the iceberg tips over, we know how to live with it.

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