Re-gaining Dreams

Have you known someone who has no dream?

I bet everyone has a dream. A goal that we want to achieve in life.

Remember the glorious dreams you have when you were still a child. We were always asked of, “What do you want to become when you grow up?” Our common answers are the people whom we see are doing good for our society. Like doctors, teacher, lawyers, engineers, firefighters, scientist, astronauts, priest, sisters, drivers, famous artist and many more. Isn’t that great? We know our dreams and our purpose with it.

I even remember my dream vividly, that is, to become a doctor. It changed to become an engineer and into dreaming of becoming a lawyer. And, to become a humble priest. Yeah, I know, I dreamed of many things. But the sky is the limit, as they would often say.

Along the way, as we grow up. Think maturely. Become more educated. We lose track of that dream. Few were able to achieve and live that because they have financial resources. Most of us, have foregone of attaining that dream. As if that strong burning fire within us got watered down. Or maybe, frustration and anxiety engulfed us to hopelessness.

We began to think priorities set by society. We started to think about survival or stability. Look at you now, are you doing what you have dreamed?


I think everyone has their dream. However, everyone has to have passion on that dream. Passion is what makes everyone’s dream different from the other. It’s like listening to a crowd of singers, but someone will shine uniquely because of that contagious passion. Your passion serves as your purpose. It becomes undying energy that ignites you to keep forward amidst the struggles and challenges of living that dream.

It’s not that you go back to the dreams you have when you were a child. If you could still do that, go for it. If not, list the most things you think you can do with passion for the rest of your life — some bucket list.

Find what you are passionate. In your current situation, find passion on that. You can gauge that when you found happiness and peace on what you are doing. It’s not easy for it is a sudden shift in your life. In exchange, you’ll found yourself contented and filled with joy.

Re-gaining one’s dream in life is never always late. And, don’t be too late finding what your passionate. Your passion could be the best tool to leave a legacy behind.

The kind of your passion is, the legacy you can leave behind.

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