Keeping Up


Have you felt that life seems so fast in its phase, lately? You feel being left behind with all your schedules, deadlines or goals. And, no matter how you tried to keep up on the demands of life, somehow you are grasping to meet these goals?

I do. As a student, there is just so much activity going on in my life. Positively, it is a sign that I am healthily active. But, the question is, “Am I giving quality outputs?”

In all circumstances of life, in any chance, unquestionably, you have experience of keeping up on things. Most successful entrepreneurs would suggest stuff like prioritizing, schedule management or time management. Those are all effective and true. However, you have been doing almost all those self-taught tycoons had written or advice. You have attended all the seminar and conferences to help you become better.

The thing is each one of us has each way of keeping up. There is no universal framework that sort of works for everyone.

You have to discover ways that work effectively for you.

The greatest temptation of not being able to keep up is to give up. You know its not the answer.

I love biking. And, been doing it for 3 years already. Imagine how many miles I roads I cycled. There were so many climbs, up and down. There are times that I feel giving up due to pain and tiredness.

You know what kept me going? I have a buddy who accompanied me. That, when I feel surrendering he’s there to assist me. To push my bike when needed. I always survive partly of my own determination; mostly, because, I know someone is with me.

Life is relational. It’s not a race. It is a journey together of people. The matter is if you choose to journey alone in this life. As scripture says, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Timothy 4:7)

Feeling the struggle to keep up to things in life is natural. To give up is cowardice.

Are you keepin’ up?

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