Are Intelligent People Creative?

I am sure you know someone you can refer to as an intelligent person. Maybe a friend of yours? A classmate? A co-worker? In any circumstances, they exist.

Miriam Dictionary defines an intelligent person as “having or indicating a high or satisfactory degree of intelligence and mental capacity.” Let’s just say he or she is exceptional.

Here you are, people, consider you a genius for your innovative and creative ideas. I bet your an intelligent person, too.

However, is intelligent equates creativity?

I read an article about the neuroscience of creativity explained by Rex E. Jung, Ph.D. a neuropsychologist. He was asked, does highly creative means one is also highly intelligent?


He answered:

Not necessarily. There’s a controversy about this in the psychological literature and some people have found correlations between creativity and intelligence. They’re usually pretty low, this association. And some people make a lot of that, this low association. But usually, because this association between creativity and intelligence is low, it means that you don’t necessarily have to be intelligent to be creative. I work with very highly intelligent people in academia and scientists and not all of them are creative. Why is that? If they do go together I would be working with all of the creative people… but that wasn’t the case so creativity seemed to be something different.

Now, we have the answer.

I think intelligence is for everyone. All humans are intelligent beings. However, to be creative and intelligent both at the same time back and forth, that is, rare genius. They are born with genius genetics. To know this is to recognize that they exist. On our part, with those who have the average IQ, creativity can be developed with various tools and techniques we can use to be highly creative.

Totally, creativity is different. It is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed that is original and imaginative.

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