No Man Can Walk Out From His Story

Have you ever had that feeling that you don’t know yourself but you want to be someone? At times, you want to be a hero but your not a hero material guy? And, all you do is pretend to be someone? When people expect more of you for what you are pretending, you simply run?

I know a character of that sort. Its Rango. A nobody lizard who does not even know himself but pretended to be someone to be accepted by the people.

It just could not get loose from my thoughts the line that was expressed in the movie that says;

No man can walk out to his own story.

It is a powerful point to think of especially those who have self doubt. A doubt of becoming a catalyst of kindness, compassion, goodness or heroic acts.

Imagine in your life several instances that you wanted to evade from the call for goodness or kindness. And, no matter how expert you become of evading, the more the circumstances urge you to be.

You are in the story. And, that story is your own life. There is no choice much left but to live the most out of it. You cannot say, “I want another life.” We are not privilege to choose our life. However, we have the choice how are we going to make a great story of our life.

Indeed, we cannot walk out from our own life story. We can leave a worth-remembering legacy where people will be moved by that memory when they recall your story.

No need of amazing powers. Nor, techs or gazillion of wealth. It only need is you.

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