Top 8 Priorities of Millennials

Millennials do have priorities in life.


Not so. Millennials just like other generations have visions, dreams, goals, and mission to fulfill in the lifetime. However, it is clouded with stereotyping from those who don’t understand the millennials.

You are often judged as lazy and lack of loyalty. Is it?

You always think you are special. Aren’t you special?

You can’t take any criticisms. Are you?

The truth is, millennials do mirror the values of the older generation. One most important value is family.

In one of the studies reported by the Pew Research Center, it presented eight priorities millennials have. Surprisingly, the first on the list signifies to the importance of a family.


Being good parents. You might be thinking that everyone wanted to become good parents. True. However, you have to understand that being good parents is not a thought. It has risen from the experienced-reality of the millennials where fewer bickering happens with mom or dad. Through that lived experience, it helps the person form a good image of parents which he or she now wanted to live when the time comes of having a family of his or her own.

To have a successful marriage. Examine yourself now, is it one of your priority at least? Is it happening in your life? You have to understand that marriage is a personal-decision-to-commit. Most of the millennials I know are working for it. Though, based on the Pew Research, roughly a quarter of Millennials (23%) say they are currently married, compared with 59% of Gen Xers and 64% of Boomers.

To help others in need. Millennials awareness of the event is happening within the country and in the global stages gave a tool for them to see the miserable conditions of poor people. In the urge to live a meaningful impact, millennials are drawn to help others in need. Have you had a chance of helping people in need in past years? Do you think of helping the poor? Pew Research reported that 21% of Millennials say that helping people who are in need is one of the essential things in their life.

To own a home. Although an increasing number of adult millennials living with their parents on the same roof, there is still a good percentage of millennials who sees the priority of having their own home. It could be linked to becoming good parents and having a successful marriage. Are you working hard to own a home for your own?

To live a very religious life. Religion might not be one of the top three priorities of millennials it does not mean they do not intend of living a spiritual experience. They are religious but are more inclined to the universality of spirituality.

To have a high paying career. You have to understand that everyone wanted to have a high paying job. You as a millennial has to be optimistic about that future. Why? It is because time is on your side. You are still young. You can develop your skill, ability or competency. In the long run, you will be capable of managing high paying jobs.

To have lots of free time. Everyone wants free time. Think of it as a time for self-care.

To become famous. It may be on the last in the list priorities. However, there are millennials who priorities of growing famous. Are you one of them?

Millennials or not, you have to have a priority in life. You have to see more important things in your life that needs to be done or dealt with first. It is up to you to make your priorities in life. You can agree with the list or not. You can make your list.

You are a millennial do something about your life. Live with a difference. Exist with impact.

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